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Cathay Pacific
Vigor Airport Transfer
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Click for Photo Gallery of this Stage arwStage 6 » 04. - 08.September '11
    flag HK Hong Kong »

flag HK s6-01 calendar 04.September [Sunday]
time 06:50 Arrival at flight Chek Lap Kok Airport (Terminal 1) on Cathay Pacific flight CX288 from Frankfurt
Report REPORT:
CAR get Limousine at Vigor Holdings Limousine - counterclick [confirmation REF: 061815 ]
- to go from Chek Lap Kok Airport to ...... click - click
arw Hong Kong - Kowloon »
bed Marco Polo Hong Kong Hotel : 4 nights HK$ 20,540 at 1,879 (buffet breakfast not incl)
3 Canton Rd, Habour City, Kowloon ph +852 2113 0033
food Buffet Breakfast at the hotel is a MUST DO
obviously there are the Temple St markets with stalls etc and other places ....
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Report STAGE 6 - REPORT(S):
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... and .... here we may write about our experiences in this section of this stage
[when / if we have the time]
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flag HK s6-02 calendar 08.September [Thursday]
time 14:55 Departure at flight Chek Lap Kok Airport (Terminal 1) on Cathay Pacific flight CX171 to Perth flag AU
Report REPORT:
time~ 10:00 CAR organised Vigor Holdings Limousine ...... via Hotel Lobby
- ph 2739 3828 ..... confirmation REF: 061815
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