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arwCONTACT US » 29.July - 08.September 2011

arw General Information » Stay Extra Time
Report From Saturday 29.July till Friday 11.September 2011 all three -
Jacqui & Hans Stammel and Jim Griffin will not be able to be reached via the normal communications you are used to. We will be away from our offices and homes.
Listed below are options for trying to get in touch with us.
Obviously none of these options will most likely be resulting in any immediate responses - we are on holiday during this time :-)
Our Office/Home phones will only be answered by a caretaker / house-sitter!

arw e-mail »
- most likely best method of getting us ! ... or

We go online when / where possible with our own laptop when we are away from the office.
When this is possible we will also check our other e-mail addresses.
However if we must use other equipment (ie internet cafes etc)
we only check limited e-mail addresses via webmail!

arw mobile / cell phone / handy »
ph INTERNATIONAL CALLERS: +61 428 81 7575
phAustralian Callers: 0428 81 7575
This mobile phone will be with us at all times.
However calls to this number will be expensive (international diversion)
NOTE: PLEASE - Do not send SMS messages - we will generally not read them :-)
[while on international networks a lot of advertising is sent this way = ALL SMS notes are deleted !]
We may not be in range of service at all times while in country/rural areas.
- PLEASE NOTE also the time difference! [see table below as a guide]

arw Leaving messages »
notes You may call (international dialing = 0011) any of the bed places we are staying at (mostly hotels) to leave a message. See the details (when we will arrive and contact phone) under each individual stage
- (stage Stages Index).
Obviously in the EU countries not all establishments will speak perfect English (if at all)
.... and - PLEASE keep in mind the time difference -
EU is 6 hours behind WA std time (ie 2pm WA time is 8am in central EU Summer Time).
Use the Sensis World Time & Dialing Codes pages for current times& international dialing codes ;-)
or try the "conversion table" below :-)
  WA Time EU Summer  
same day04:00 pm10:00 amsame day
05:00 pm11:00 am
06:00 pm12:00 Midday
07:00 pm01:00 pm
08:00 pm02:00 pm
09:00 pm03:00 pm
10:00 pm04:00 pm
11:00 pm05:00 pm
next day12:00 Midnight06:00 pm
01:00 am07:00 pm
02:00 am08:00 pm
03:00 am09:00 pm
04:00 am10:00 pm
05:00 am11:00 pm
06:00 am12:00 Midnightnext day
07:00 am01:00 am
08:00 am02:00 am
09:00 am03:00 am
10:00 am04:00 am
11:00 am05:00 am
12:00 Midday06:00 am
01:00 pm07:00 am
02:00 pm08:00 am
03:00 pm09:00 am
04:00 pm10:00 am
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