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Hotel Bellevue
4 Jahreszeiten

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Click for Photo Gallery of this Stage arwStage 5 » 29. August - 02.September '11
    flag Swiss Spiez » flag DE Neuenburg am Rhein & Heidelberg

flag Swiss s5-01 calendar 29.August [Monday] distance ~300 km click for map
Report REPORT:
CAR Through the French and Swiss Alps (~300km) to ...... click
arw Spiez » bed Hotel Bellevue : 1 night CHF 274 at € 222 BB - free
Seestrasse 36, Spiez, 3700, CH ph +41 33 65 48 464
food Restaurant in house with view over the lake
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flag DE s5-02 calendar 30.August [Tuesday] distance ~380 km click for map
Report REPORT:
CAR Follow the Road along the lakes and Lucern going north (~380km) to ...... click - click
arw Neuenburg am Rhein »
bed Hotel Krone : 1 night € 150 BB - free
Breisacher Straße 1, Neuenburg am Rhein ph +49 (0)7631 70 390
food in house ....
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flag DE s5-03 calendar 31.August [Wednesday] distance ~300 km click for map
Report REPORT:
CAR north along the rhein (French and German side) and the "Winestrasse" (~300km) to ...... click
arw Heidelberg » Stay Extra Time 31.August - 02.September
bed Vier Jahreszeiten : 3 nights at € 540.00 BB - free
Haspelgasse 2, Heidelberg, 69117 ph +49 (0)6221 24 164
food there should be a number of nice places to eat in the "Altstadt" of Heidelberg
Hackteufel, Steingasse 7 - ph 905 380 - Traditional German Cuisine
Cafe Journal, Haupstr. 162 ph 161712 - Very worth a visit (can get busy)
Cafe Schafheutle, Hauptstr. 94 click ph 14680 - "for Kaffee und Kuchen"
Vetter Alt Heidelberg Brauhaus,Steingasse 9 ph 165850 - German food & Beer brewed inhouse
NOTE: on the last day we will have to get ready
for our flight from Franfurt to Hong Kong on Saturday 03.09.2011
see a liitle more about Heidelberg »
see also (for a little more history :-) »
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flag DE s5-04 calendar 03.September [Saturday] distance ~100 km click for map
Report REPORT:   CAR Fastest roads [A35] to ......
arw Frankfurt Airport »
Drop off Hire Car at at airport [Terminal 2] - by time » 10:30
time 13:55 Departure flight Frankfurt Airport (Terminal 2) with Cathay Pacific flight CX288 to Hong Kong
- [see also the Transport page]
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Report STAGE 5 - REPORT(S):
.... see the Click for Photo Gallery of this StagePhotographic Gallery for this stage (NOT YET !)
calendar 29.August [Monday]
Hotel Bellevue - At a fantastic view it has (certainly from the balcony by our bedroom) over the Thunsee lake
Dinner was at Hotel Restaurant ..... was below expection .....
Orders were taken wrongly - Waitress did not listen to our order and we were given entrees we did not want - and the soup that was ordered had to be re-requested
We had never seen a 'Schnitzel' like it (much more like a Salt-im-bocca from the italian cuisine) or their version of Cordon Bleu so badly executed. We ordered one dessert and some cheese for desert, as well as some coffee - the coffees arrived virtually immediately (with the usual 'Kaffee Sahne' in a plastic container - which we requested be replaced with real Swiss Milk instead) - the cheese selection trolley sitting in reaching distance for the next 20 minutes without any being offered to Jim. Hans' dessert (which was indicated to have a waiting period of 15 minutes) arrived and eventually a waitress offered Jim his cheese - which he by that time no longer desired. - all in all we had a meal that was good (although possibly the most expensive on the trip = definetely not value for money) - but from the hype the website was promising a lot more ..... and maybe it was a bad day with waiting and kitchen staff not at their best (?)
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calendar 30.August [Tuesday]
Lunch & Dinner at Hotel Restaurant ..... was as one would expect in a small German country hotel - EXCELLENT .....
We arrived just before 13 Uhr (1pm) and were seated and drink orders taken and served while we looked at the menu - mainly in German but with a good section in English, French and Italian as well. - Good Country Cooking was promised from the selection .....
and from the 3 soups - Clear Ox Tail; Goulasch and an unusual Snail Soup - to the Schnitzels and the Schweinekopfsuelze served with Bratkartoffeln and / or chips all was in large quantity and very well prepared by the kitchen .....
Dinner will have to be much lighter or we will not be able to fit into the car seats tomorrow
Jacqui and Hans had a pair of Wiener Wuerstchen each - Jacqui also had 6 Snails in garlic and Hans feasted on a Bauernplatte - mixed meats from the butcher next door which is owned by the same family as the hotel .... again an excellent meal. We noticed that many people obviously come across the border from France to eat here - a bit like in Perl (see stage 3)
PS - When we asked after lunch if we could use the hotels laundry for some quick washing (well overdue) we were asked to just put the laundy items into a basket and they put into the washing machine without a second word ... - very willing service with a smile :-)
Hotel Krone, Breisacher Straße 1, Neuenburg am Rhein ph +49 (0)7631 70 390
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... and .... here we may write more about our experiences in this section of this stage
[when / if we have the time]
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